Are you looking for the best Eyeliners to buy? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve looked over hundreds of Makeup products to come up with this comprehensive list of the best Eyeliners you can buy right now. Many of these are best-selling and top rated products at popular cosmetic stores such as Sephora, Bergdorf Goodman, Nordstrom, C.O. Bigelow and Lush. In this post, we’re going to take a look at products from Bobbi Brown, tarte, NUDESTIX, Givenchy, and others. In this list we include Ombre Couture Cream Eyeshadow by Givenchy, Smudge Pots by stila, and Magnetic Eye Color by NUDESTIX.

There are many things to consider before choosing makeup – quality, durability, skin tone and skin type. Understand your skin, face type, and complexion. It’s difficult to know exactly what you are looking for, but we try our best to make our list as precise as possible.

With the wide range of items to choose from in the cosmetic shops, it becomes quite a task to choose something that can suit your requirements and leave you looking gorgeous. Most people buy makeup on impulse and thus do not have the time to go through the merits of getting a particular product. The sellers understand this behavior and capitalize on it to increase their sales by offering good marketing promises.

So which is the best Eyeliners for you? Discover below.

Quick Look: 9 Best Eyeliners

  • Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner by Bobbi Brown
  • Magnetic Eye Color by NUDESTIX
  • Tarteist Clay Paint Liner by tarte
  • Ombre Couture Cream Eyeshadow by Givenchy
  • Smudge Pots by stila
  • Waterproof Crème Color by Anastasia Beverly Hills
  • Eye & Brow Maestro by Giorgio Armani Beauty
  • PRO Tapered Liner Brush #33 by SEPHORA COLLECTION
  • Jet Set Waterproof Eye Liner by Smashbox
Below you will find product details, along with the most useful reviews and buy links for each Makeup product. This list will be updated with new products as they are released. So check back often.

Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner by Bobbi Brown

Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner Bobbi Brown

Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner is one of the best-selling products right now, with 2,354 reviews, it is rated 4.3 out of 5 stars. Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner has 90K ‘loves’ on Sephora. You can buy it today for $27.

An intensely pigmented liner with the precision of a liquid and the ease of a gel, for creating a range of eye looks that wear for up to 12 hours.

This award-winning formula offers up to 12 hours of waterproof, sweat-resistant, humidity-resistant wear. It glides easily onto lids and dries to a flexible finish that won’t flake or fade.

Price: $27
Stars: 4.3 / 5
Reviews: 2,354

You can buy Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner at Sephora.

A reviewer who tried Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner said:

“Of the several gel liners I’ve tried and the many different types of liner, this is one of the top performers. I appreciate how smooth it goes on with a fine liner brush and the color payoff. Also, it does not move around a ton throughout the long day. I do use a lid primer, however I’ve had lesser liners crease even with a primer–not this one!” – katiebug1985

Founded in 1991 by legendary makeup artist Bobbi Brown, this global premium beauty brand celebrates the individual beauty of all women around the world. From face products that are expressly designed to look like skin to colors that enhance eyes, cheeks, and lips, Bobbi Brown encapsulates the essence of modern beauty.

Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner, $27
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Magnetic Eye Color by NUDESTIX

Magnetic Eye Color NUDESTIX

A super long-wearing eyeshadow pencil that provides intense color in satin and matte finishes, precise lining, and primes lids for all-day wear.

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars, Magnetic Eye Color by NUDESTIX is another fantastic option. It currently has 184 reviews with 90K ‘loves’ on Sephora. You can buy it for around $24.

This 24-hour wear, waterproof, neutral eyeshadow pencil highlights the face’s high points, including the cheekbones, tear ducts, and brow arches. These four-in-one application pencils are easy to use, and they achieve intense color, precise lining, and primed lids for all day wear. Ideal for oily lids, these fun and audacious, touch-and-go makeup sticks are soft and super gliding and easy to blend. They offer matte and satin finishes, and leave even color payoff for a quick, fresh-faced nude makeup look that suits all skin tones.

Price: $24
Stars: 4.3 / 5
Reviews: 184

Magnetic Eye Color is available at Sephora.

Here is what one user said about Magnetic Eye Color:

“I love the blendability of this pencil, and it’s the right amount of blackness too. I really love that the pencil sharpener is built into a cap for it. My lids don’t crease, so I can’t comment on that claim.” – bludragon99

Another reviewer said:

“Loving these pencils. I first got the lip ones and decided to try the eye and so glad I did! I have Imortelle and it is awesome as a liner (I really sharpened it even though it was brand new) for day but also wear it as a lid color and use black liner on top for nights. I wore it to a music festival and it did NOT budge. Debating also buying Spirit.” – rebeccany1

Magnetic Eye Color, $24
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Tarteist Clay Paint Liner by tarte

tarte Tarteist Clay Paint Liner

An innovative, squeezable, vegan, waterproof cream eyeliner with a unique blending tip inspired by an artist’s palette.

tarte’s Tarteist Clay Paint Liner is rated 3.7 out of 5 stars. This product has 1,156 reviews with 40K ‘loves’ on Sephora. You can buy it for $24.

This innovative eyeliner features cushion slide technology for silky-smooth texture and wear in a pigmented, Amazonian clay-powered, 12-hour, waterproof formula. Its portable, squeezable tube features a flat “blending stage” to make your application as simple as “squeeze, line, and define.” Use the included eyeliner brush to paint on your perfect look.

Price: $24
Stars: 3.7 / 5
Reviews: 1,156

Here is what one reviewer who tried Tarteist Clay Paint Liner had to say:

“So firstly, I’ll say that this eyeliner is pretty good when it works. Nice and opaque, generally easy to apply, and you can flatten out the brush provided with the product to create very fine lines.
But while most other people who weren’t feeling this product said that their tube was very dry, mine actually got too thin. I don’t know if it was because of temperature fluctuations or what, but on two separate occasions the stuff literally ran like water everywhere in its little pan on top of the tube and when I tried to apply it anyway, it was impossible to direct.
I liked the brush I guess, but it definitely doesn’t take the place of any angled liner brush you probably already have.
Also, I’ve got a thing about keeping things neat, so I’d always wipe out the little mixing pan where the product comes out in order to keep it clean for my next use. I ended up wasting so much product. I’ll probably go back to gel liner in a pot now.
Primer is the only way to keep this stuff from moving around on your eyes, and even then it’s still a fight.” – milkteahoney

Over a decade ago, beauty aficionado Maureen Kelly channeled her entrepreneurial spirit and set out to prove that glamour can be good for you. Launched in the heart of New York City, tarte is a smart, colorful brand offering healthy, eco-chic beauty products that truly work. Tarte’s cruelty-free, high-performance beauty is infused with pure, invigorating ingredients, and all tarte products are formulated without parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, triclosan, and synthetic fragrances. From award-winning blushes and lip tints to the breakthrough Amazonian clay and maracuja complexion products, tarte delivers powerful results for real woman. Be green, be smart, be tarte.

Tarteist Clay Paint Liner, $24
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Ombre Couture Cream Eyeshadow by Givenchy

Givenchy Ombre Couture Cream Eyeshadow

A new generation of creamy, waterproof, long-lasting eyeshadow.

Ombre Couture Cream Eyeshadow by Givenchy costs $26 – with 134 reviews and 4 out of 5 stars rating makes it an excellent option. It also has 10K ‘loves’ on Sephora.

These gorgeous shadows glide on instinctively, hugging the curves of the eyelid, and then dry down to a powdery finish for up to 16 hours of long-wearing, waterproof color. The chic, saturated shades can be layered or mixed to create your own unique signature color or ombre combination.

Price: $26
Stars: 4 / 5
Reviews: 134

You can buy Ombre Couture Cream Eyeshadow here.

Here is what people are saying about Ombre Couture Cream Eyeshadow:

“i have this in rose dentelle. it’s very matte, easy to blend right when you put it on, and doesn’t crease or smudge. i haven’t worn it longer than 12 hours, but in that amount of time it barely creased at all. i was looking for something to pair with winged eyeliner, bc my naked eyelid looks a little translucent, and this does just the trick. the color isn’t super saturated, it’s very subtle, so it looks like a cleaner, rosier version of your own skin. it works pretty well as a primer too. i’d be interested to try the other colors, but the price is a little high when there’s no “wow” factor. the texture is really dry and powdery for a cream shadow, which is interesting and different than anything else i’ve tried, but i’m hoping it doesn’t dry out too quickly. the packaging does the job but it doesn’t really feel “luxurious,” like the dior fusion mono eyeshadow containers do, for instance.” – riotmelon

Another user said:

“I absolutely love the consistency and formula and easy application of this shadow. However, I only gave it 4 stars because I don’t care for the color selection. The girl in the video has the purple on, so I bought it because it looked pretty on her.

I put it on and I looked like
I was ready to go trick-or-treating. 🙁 Please make more colors!!” – ilanabanana1

Ombre Couture Cream Eyeshadow, $26
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Smudge Pots by stila

stila Smudge Pots

A unique gel eyeliner and shadow in one.

Smudge Pots by stila is priced at $20. This product has 1,787 reviews and 4.4 out of 5 star rating – making it a great choice. You can buy it now at Sephora today.

The verdict is in, and smudge pots take the prize for sexy eyes. The innovative and spunky alternative to traditional powder and liquid formulas, this clever little gel has an inky intensity that leaves powder shadows in the dust. The glass jar and airtight lid keeps the gel soft and pliable.

Price: $20
Stars: 4.4 / 5
Reviews: 1,787

Here is what one reviewer said about Smudge Pots:

“the color was just adorable, greener than it looked online. Super easy to apply (If you have a brush)” – luved2much

Modern, sophisticated, and fashionable, stila is a beloved beauty powerhouse. Created in 1994 by a celebrity makeup artist, the line has already built a stylishly individual legacy. Innovative formulas, sleek packaging, and fashion-forward colors make a Stila statement at Fashion Week, in glossy magazines, and on the street. With a fabulous array of cult-favorite lip glazes, cheek stains, eyeshadow palettes, and more, stila’s goal is to help every woman celebrate her own unique beauty-to look and feel like the best version of herself, and to have fun doing it.

Smudge Pots, $20
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Waterproof Crème Color by Anastasia Beverly Hills

Waterproof Crème Color

An ultra-pigmented, waterproof color for the eyes that won’t crease or smudge.

This intense color provides a lasting coverage for the eyes. It stands up to everything the day can dish out and transitions well into evening without creasing or transferring.

Price: $18
Stars: 3.5 / 5
Reviews: 218

Here is what one of the users said about Waterproof Crème Color:

“This product is very pigmented and applied nicely in the beginning. My eyeliner stays on throughout the whole day. However now that I have had this eyeliner for a month, I have noticed that it is drying out making it harder to apply since it is so clumpy, it is workable though.” – kenziel

Another reviewer said:

“I love how it glides on so smoothly and beautifully. I use a very fine eyeliner brush and apply only a small amount. it’s so pigmented! This will be my new go to eyeliner. Love!” – sops

Waterproof Crème Color, $18
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Eye & Brow Maestro by Giorgio Armani Beauty

Eye & Brow Maestro Giorgio Armani Beauty

A waterproof, multipurpose brow shaper, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and root touch-up in one.

Eye & Brow Maestro is a great product, with 34 reviews, it is rated 4.2 out of 5 stars. Eye & Brow Maestro has 4,046 ‘loves’ on Sephora. You can buy it today for $35.

Created backstage and modeled on the runway, Eye & Brow Maestro is perfect for creating stunning, runway-ready eyes. Its elastic flex polymers and gliding gels allow for easy and smooth application. Apply this formula on more than just your eyes; the creamy formula with all day waterproof hold lasts for up to 20 hours, and it can be used to contour the face, touch up grey roots, and it can even be worn as a daring lip color.

Price: $35
Stars: 4.2 / 5
Reviews: 34

You can buy Eye & Brow Maestro at Sephora.

Here is what one user who tried Eye & Brow Maestro said:

“i have eyebrows on the thicker side so this is perfect for filling in the spaces where my skin shows without ending up with sharpie brow. definitely would recommend to those starting out since it’s extremely buildable and never disappoints.” – gildedhoney

Eye & Brow Maestro, $35
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PRO Tapered Liner Brush #33 by SEPHORA COLLECTION

PRO Tapered Liner Brush #33 SEPHORA COLLECTION

A super fine liner brush that allows you to create the perfect liner effect with control and precision.

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars, PRO Tapered Liner Brush #33 by SEPHORA COLLECTION is another great alternative. It currently has 23 reviews with 3,469 ‘loves’ on Sephora. You can buy it for $18.

This brush is shaped to give you smooth, ridge-proof liner application. It can be used to create an ultra-crisp wing liner effect.

Price: $18
Stars: 4.6 / 5
Reviews: 23

Here is what one user said about PRO Tapered Liner Brush #33:

“This is by far the BEST eyeliner brush that I have ever used. It was recommended by the Sephora staff and it did not disappoint. I get an even, smooth line every time I use this. I highly recommend it!” – slipandslide

Another reviewer said:

“If you’re doing winged eyeliner, get this brush. Also, if you are a makeup artist, get this brush. SO EASY to use on clientele.” – ZacharyM

PRO Tapered Liner Brush #33, $18
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Jet Set Waterproof Eye Liner by Smashbox

Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof Eye Liner

Waterproof, smudge-proof eyeliner.

Smashbox’s Jet Set Waterproof Eye Liner is rated 4.1 out of 5 stars. This product has 1,454 reviews with 10K ‘loves’ on Sephora. You can buy it for $22.

Price: $22
Stars: 4.1 / 5
Reviews: 1,454

Here is what one reviewer who tried Jet Set Waterproof Eye Liner had to say:

“This is absolutely the best eyeliner! I have searched for an eyeliner that lasted and didn’t smudge for years—this is the ONLY eyeliner I buy now! It lasts for ever and is easy to apply.” – searchangel

Jet Set Waterproof Eye Liner, $22
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